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Interested in: Web Development - UI/UX Design - System Analysis


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Hi, my name is Abdulrahman. I earned my bachelor degree in Information Technology with a track in Software Engineering from King Abdulaziz University (2008 - May 2012). After that, I worked in Besanet Company as a Web Programmer (July 2012 - September 2013). Then, I moved to The US to do my Master degree. I lived in San Francisco, California for 1 year to study English ( November 2013 - December 2014). I earned my Master degree in Software Engineering at Monmouth University (January 2015 - January 2017).

I'm an easy going person. I enjoy playing and watching sports in general (especially soccer). I like to play video games (My PS4 ID: D7OM--USA). I'm a photographer (my Instagram: Rahman_Photo). I write poems in Arabic (I hope you don't ask about that :p LooL). You are more than welcome to contact me to ask about anything else.

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